Post 4

How do people view technology in the classroom?

There is no denying that technology is advancing. This means that with the advancement, it will flood over into the classroom as well. But what does society think of technology in the classroom? How do teachers feel about using technology in the classroom? Is technology a hindrance or a help when it comes to students focusing in the classroom?

Surprising, teachers believe that with the advancements in technology, using technology in the classroom seems reasonable. They think that it keeps student’s attention and is able to be used as a tool to research and understand topics a little more than when they started. A lot of other teachers believe that using technology in the classroom will help with projects, studying using interactive games, and engaging the students when it comes to classroom discussion.

What about the opposing side though? People believe that there are five problems with technology in the classroom. They believe that sometimes technology is advancing too quickly that underprivileged schools do not have the resources to keep up with it. Example being updates and what not to technology. Another opposition is that it takes away from the social aspect of the child. One of the reasons kids attend school is for the social interaction and parents believe that with technology, that social aspect dissipates. Another high problem that is mentioned is that technology is a distraction. Another is that it is far advancing even the instruction of the course/instructor. And finally, technology is taking over testing.

Either way that it is viewed, it can be agreed that technology is advancing with leaps and bounds. Every child is affected in some way by technology in their life, and why should it not be used as a tool in the school? With both arguments, ultimately it is up to the school board to make a decision on these matters.


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