Post 5

In conclusion…

There are a lot of different technologies that can be used in the classroom to engage students in lecture as well as get them interested in science. As long as students have the availability to be able to do labs and not just listen to a teacher lecture the whole time, the class can turn out to be a success for the teacher. Knowing the material that should be taught, the age and maturity level of the student, and the availability of technology in the classroom are also big benefits for the teacher when trying to make the class fun and enjoyable for the students.

The major technology in a science lab will always be the microscope however. It is constantly the backbone of all labs, whether it is physics (understanding the microscope), biology (seeing organisms under the microscope), or chemistry (observing chemical reactions on a microscopic level); the microscope is the most important tool and technology that a classroom can have to engage the student.

Other technology is important as well, and the teacher’s knowledge of such technology will benefit the student in the long run.Being knowledgeable is half the battle, however; being able to apply it to the lecture and the classroom would become the home-run.


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